Mar 182013


This Article was originally published at, the blog of Joseph Bernard.
Truth is what matters. It is what you and I are here in this lifetime to explore. And it is something we each have to find on our own. No one else can know what our truths are.
There are many institutions and organizations that have their opinions about what truth is. Religions, political parties, media, and science all claim to hold the truth.
But they cannot possible know what your truths are. It is not something told to you or found in reading sacred writings. It is an inner experience of awareness.
Your truth is unique to you. It’s most easily found by listening inward to the voice of your soul or higher nature. It’s your sense of inner knowing or it isn’t your truth.
When I was younger I attended Catholic schools and believed all I was taught because it came from people who claimed to know God. My family supported these teachings so I thought they must be right.
As I entered college I began to question all my beliefs. Now most of what I was taught to believe is no longer what I think.
My truth comes only from my listening inward to my heart, to my soul and to my intuitive sense of the world. What I know to be true is what I sense is true.
Truth is never stagnant because as you awaken more to what matters, your understanding expands. Exploring truth is vibrant and alive.
The old beliefs of your past can’t be the truth unless they have come alive through your inquiry and examination. Without this exploration your beliefs are just repeated words running your life.
The various sacred texts cannot contain your truths unless you have engaged in examining them in the context of your own quiet knowing. Your knowing is what matters more than anyone’s claim to know.
Yes there will be ideas you read and hear people speak that are truthful. However until you take these ideas inward and sift through them they are mere words.
Even in the most difficult of times, finding your truth needs to be a priority. Often times these moment of insight and awareness where you touch the truth guide you out of the darkness of your struggles.
If truth interests you then there is one clear pathway to finding your truth. That path is tuning inward. In the silence and stillness of contemplation is where you explore your truths.
A Silent Practice For Truth
The most valuable practice for exploring the depth of inner truths is a combination of techniques. They include: mindful breathing, journal writing and trusting your inner voice/intuition.
The Practice
Become mindful of the cycles of the breath. This naturally relaxes you.
After a few minutes pick up a notepad or journal and write what questions you have.
Then listen.
With practice an inner voice of knowing also called intuition or the voice of the soul will began to speak.
Write down the words of this inner knowing.
Enter into a dialogue with this insightful and wise part of you.
This quiet voice is the most powerful voice of truth you will ever hear.
Keep writing because there is greater clarity that comes from writing things out.
The more you build a relationship with this inner voice of wisdom, the more your life will be guided to your fullest expression.
Have gratitude for this inner source of wisdom. It is a gift towards your happiness.
Consult this voice often.
This practice is helpful to do daily. The more you do the inward tuning the easier the flow of the guidance you need.
Your truth matters most not only for yourself but also for the rest of us. You living your truth will make a very positive difference in the world.
Over my life I have kept the search for truth alive. This journaling method works best for me of all the ways I have explored.
At this point in my life, one thing is very clear, it is essential for me to always be engaged in finding my truth and to do so on a daily basis. If we all do this – there is great hope for humanity.