Open Contemplation – Meditation Group


Teacher: Ursula Funke-Kaiser
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Contact: Tel: 0172-8879215
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Where do we go? Home, always home (Novalis)
open Contemplation-/ Meditation group
Just Sitting
with Ursula Funke-Kaiser
– Nothing to do, nothing to know, just being –
Discover and explore in a weekly group – in silence and conversation – the quality of effortless being, open to this which we are searching and which can never be found as we are always already there.
Thursday evening 6.30 to 8.00 pm
(please call in advance 0049 172 8879215 or
send an e-mail:
Praxis für Personale Therapie
Hölderlinplatz 2 A
70193 Stuttgart
Just sitting, a way to nondual awareness is flowing from Peter Fenner’s ‘Radiant Mind’ approach, he developed from buddhist practice and studies and western psychology.
Ursula Funke-Kaiser, many years a student of Zen with Silvia Ostertag, practice of body-oriented psychotherapy, healing practitioner of psychotherapy, Teacher of Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine), Nondual Teacher- and Therapist
Costs 15 € per evening