Nondual Transformation Coaching


Teacher: Adam Chacksfield
Location: Macomb, IL, or by Skype or Phone.
Adam is a first rate nondual coach who delivers the essence of nondual awareness in an uncompromising form. He is wholeheartedly committed to creating new possibilities for his clients that are grounded in awareness and practical at the same time. I highly recommend him.”
Peter Fenner, Ph.D., Author of “Radiant Mind”
If you’ve been doing spiritual work, but are still struggling to transform your experience of life, this coaching could really open things up. These sessions enable us to deeply connect with nondual awareness no matter where we think we are. We find our way back to the effortless being that is our true nature, and all our struggles, anxieties, and frustrations just fall open.
Discovering that nondual awareness can reliably show up in the midst of our lives, no matter what is happening, nurtures an abiding trust. We find ourselves profoundly relaxing in a way that doesn’t require any escape or denial. Instead, we become fully available to the richness of our experience.
The beauty of nondual coaching sessions is that they can support you as you develop your familiarity with nondual awareness in the midst of your everyday life. The coaching can help you learn how to access this space and transform your life both immediately and enduringly.
Nondual coaching can be arranged to fit your schedule and means that you don’t have to wait for another public event to benefit from this support. Nondual coaching is also available by Skype or phone, which is remarkably effective, which means that you don’t even have to visit my office in Macomb.
“Realizing that most of the issues I have are constructions, created by me, has been truly liberating. I am now more focused on engaging my projects and much less impeded by internal dialogue about success, failure, and obstacles. Adam’s nondual coaching has enabled me to act from a place of stillness and clarity, which has enriched all that I do.” – Kelley, Professor, IL
Frequently Asked Questions
How is it transformative? It supports people in directly awakening to the truth and seeing through the familiar stories that cause their suffering. Coming home to what is really here radically transforms our experience of life from anxiety and frustration to an effortless appreciation of what is given to us and through us.
What are private sessions for? Unlike reading a book or going to a group event where the teaching is necessarily general, private sessions allow for a focus on how you, with your particular habits of body and mind, can enter and rest in the ultimate truth. You get an opportunity to discover your particular path home; to heal your particular wounds.
Is it like therapy? No, therapy works toward curing disorders. This coaching reveals the innate wholeness that we are, despite whatever thoughts, feelings, or actions may be manifesting. Nondual work is for anyone who wishes to realize the ultimate truth; it is not merely for those defined as having psychological problems.
How do I know if it is right for me? Have you been doing spiritual or psychological work and found it helpful, but still find yourself feeling like there is something missing, like you’re not quite where you should be? Does it seem like you have no problem understanding and explaining the ideas of spiritual teachers, but somehow it’s not quite happening for you? Is there still a frustrating gap between what you know to be true and your capacity to embody the truth? If this sounds like you, this coaching could bring the resolution you’ve been seeking. The coaching offers to support you in directly experiencing the truth that is deeper and richer than any set of ideas.
What would we do in the sessions? There is no pressure to do or experience anything in particular. There is no need for preparation and nothing to perform. Instead we just gently explore whatever comes up. There is no technique and no agenda. Whatever the content of our conversation, feelings, and thoughts, we allow a natural attunement to the deeper truth to emerge.
Where do the sessions take place? If you live in or near Macomb we can meet in my office just off the square in downtown Macomb. If you live an inconvenient distance from Macomb we can meet over Skype or by phone.
How many sessions should I do? This depends very much on what is happening for you. Some people meet with me only occasionally when they have questions or apparent obstacles come up. Some find monthly sessions support the deepening of nondual awareness in their lives. Others find weekly sessions or even more frequent sessions initiate and sustain a rapid transformation in their experience of life. Trusting your deepest calling will allow you to discern what is most nourishing for you at each stage of your process. I push no formula and never suggest that you should do more than you feel is right for you.
How do I schedule a session? Just email and ask to do a session. Give a couple of options that fit your schedule and I will then confirm a specific time and day that works for me also.
“During a tumultuous time in my life I had slowly begun to convince myself that I had only anxiety and suffering ahead of me. As my thoughts began to alarm me I would call Adam, and through the course of our conversation begin to ‘see through,’ and even laugh at, the thoughts and ideas that were distracting me from the relaxed simplicity of life itself. In our nondual dialogues together, I received not just wisdom, but understanding, humor, empathy, guidance, and love. Ultimately I value his words and presence not only for their spiritual import, but as survival tools, and consider them a sanctuary full of clarity and peace.”
Robert, Composer, NY
A One-Hour Nondual Transformation Coaching Session is $60.
Weekly Nondual Transformation Coaching is $195 per month (4 one-hour sessions over one month).
Effortless Transformation Coaching Package is $440 (10 one-hour sessions over six months).
Low income prices are available.
Contact to schedule a free thirty-minute introductory session.
Adam’s nondual coaching sessions have supported me in embracing “what is” without judgement, fear, or condemnation. I embrace life and its ups and downs with less effort, fear, and anxiety. I would recommend these sessions to anyone looking to fully embrace the journey of life.” Linda, Occupational Therapist, IL
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