Nishkala has trained extensively in yoga since 1990 and has been teaching groups and privately since.

Non duality softly informs her way of sharing with emphasis less on the physicality and specifics of posture and more on evoking a receptivity to the space within which movement and sensation happen. A mix of body sensing meditation with yin and restorative forms invites this more subtle exploration.

Primary influences over a 35 year period include Advaita and Kashmir Shaivism with tastes of Madhyamika, Dzogchen, and Mahamudra through the work of Peter Fenner.  In recent years she participated in several in-depth programs that support a fuller living and embodying of Presence and completed the Natural Awakening Non Dual training with Peter Fenner and Marie Barincou last August 2012.

Nishkala offers coaching-mentoring sessions to the Science Tech division of a major corporation in Central NY and lives happily and quietly in Ithaca, NY since 2006.