"Natural Leadership as Nonduality" by Judith Orloff



Teacher: Judith Orloff

Date/Time: April 10th, 7pm-9pm

Hosted by: The Center for Nondual Awareness & Open Circle

Location: Northbrea Community Church, 941 The Alameda, Berkeley

Natural Leadership as Nonduality

 We usually perceive reality based on our interpretation of our personal history. There is no creativity in residing in our family lineage. Although, we understand and believe this conceptually, much of the time, we do not embody what we are teaching and sharing. There is right and wrong, beautiful and ugly, good and bad, dual and nondual, better than and less than. Although there is no inherent value in what we see, we interpret moment by moment, and tend to stay true to our history. Although our survival once depended on that, it doesn’t any more. It has become a hindrance.
Now, as in all times, we need clear, beneficial leadership from the individual to world governments. This interactive, experiential presentation will share an unconditioned path to “Competencies in Awareness.” There is an aligned pathway, in the service of clarity, for the benefit for all. There is a simple, invisible competency that will bring us to our knees and guarantees access to openhearted clarity, creativity and gentle approaches to age-old divisions. Please bring a willingness to perceive together as one.