CNA Hosted Morning: Awakened Relating with Lynn Marie Lumiere


Lynn Marie Lumiere Awakened Relating: Embodying Undivided Love in Intimate Relationships

This month the Center for Nondual Awareness offers a free Online Hosted Morning
Lynn Marie Lumiere

Awakened Relating: Embodying Undivided Love in Intimate Relationships

Sunday May 27th,
10am – 12pm Pacific 

Join in for group silent meditation at 9:45am Pacific

“What is it to be in intimate relationship with the growing knowing of our deepest nature?”

New Harbinger is publishing one of our members new books! Lynn Marie Lumiere has written an inspirational and informative book full of potent transmission, her own experiential wisdom, practical guidance, and interviews with spiritual teacher couples such as Adyashanti and Mukti, Ellen Emmet and Rupert Spira, as well as her psychotherapy clients and others.
In this gathering, Sara Naon will be speaking with Lynn Marie on how bringing awakened awareness directly into the depths of intimate relationships is the next step of ‘conscious relating’ – taking it to an entirely new level.

“When we get into contact with the source of Love itself, it changes the game. We now have the infinite source of wisdom itself to navigate the challenges; along with the ever growing awareness that we are essentially the same thing.” ~ Lynn Marie Lumiere.
Awakened Relating addresses an important issue in our modern western awakening times, that deep seeing of our true nature and spiritual enlightenment does not, in fact, instantly resolve the deep seated emotional, interpersonal, and early childhood attachment wounding that cause problems in intimate relationships. Lynn Marie is passionate about providing teaching and practical instruction about applying awakened Truth within ourselves, to the different issues and facets of romantic relationships such as:

  • Falling in love
  • True Intimacy
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Sexuality
  • Self love
  • Healing early childhood attachment and relational trauma
  • Helping each other stay awake in relationship

After interview and group discussion time, we will head into an experiential guided meditation on Lynn Marie’s three R’s of awakened relating.

  • Recognize
  • Rest
  • Rely

Awakened Relationship begins with Recognizing awakened awareness, continues with continuously Resting as that, which turns into a deep commitment to Relying on it as we navigate the deep relational and psychological terrain of intimate relationship.
After this guided meditation there will be time to dialogue directly with Lynn Marie about your personal experience.

Lynn Marie LumiereLynn Marie Lumiere MFT, is a seasoned psychotherapist with a focus on transforming issues at their source through dissolving the belief in separation that creates and sustains them. She is dedicated to awakening consciousness and meeting life’s challenges as doorways to greater freedom. Her work is sourced in over forty years of dedicated spiritual and psychological exploration, as well as almost thirty years of marriage and practicing psychotherapy. This experience led her to the understanding that no matter what the problem, transformation and freedom from suffering is possible when we tap into the infinite and ever-present source of Love. She has been especially interested in applying this understanding to healing relationships and trauma.
Lynn Marie has been involved in the exploration of non-dual wisdom and psychotherapy since it began in 1998. She is a repeat presenter at the annual Nondual Wisdom and Psychology Conference and the Science and Nonduality (SAND) Conference, and is a contributing author to The Sacred Mirror. Lynn Marie is also coauthor (with John Lumiere-Wins) of The Awakening West. Her primary spiritual teacher is Adyashanti, and she has studied with many other teachers from non-dual, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions. She lives in Grass Valley, CA. For information about Lynn Marie and events she offers, please visit It is her intention to offer support for learning and experiencing awakened relating.

Sara Naon serves as the center’s board president and on its leadership team. She lives to serve her Self awakening in All. She teaches and supports souls on the awakening, embodiment, and soul service journey all over the world, and offers her work in person and online in groups and individual sessions.