Live Nondual Offerings

Live Nondual Offerings
Teachers, Therapists and Coaches with The Center for Nondual Awareness

We are dedicated to sharing nondual awareness widely and deeply. The teachers, therapists, coaches and facilitators with the Center are continually developing and offering different types of opportunities for this sharing. You can find a current list of these live offerings in the categories below:

Private sessions are offers to work privately with individuals (and sometimes couples).

The main Calendar shows all events, courses, and groups on a single monthly calendar.

Nondual Events are one-time offers such as a retreat or workshop.

Nondual Courses are offerings that involve a series of events over a fixed period of time. 

Nondual Groups are offerings that continue on an ongoing basis with no fixed end point. 

North America, Europe, Rest Of The World, and Web or Phone pages organize Nondual Events, Courses, and Groups by location.