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Hi!  I’m Jan Hodgman. My “official” qualifications include ordination as a Soto Zen priest with eight years of monastic experience in Japan, an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Master’s in East Asian Studies, with studies in Zen Buddhism, certification as a Focusing Trainer by The Focusing Institute , a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education, service as a hospital chaplain and completion of Peter Fenner’s Nondual Teacher and Therapist training.  More importantly, though, I really love being a part of a person’s journey toward self-awareness and recognition of our True Nature. I am currently offering Nondual Coaching sessions both by phone and in person. I will be a coach for the Radiant Mind training in Portland beginning in July 2011. I also offer sessions and workshops in Focusing, a powerful process for working on the conditioned level toward completion of “unfinished” issues in our lives. I teach meditation through area hospitals and host meditation and Radiant Mind-type groups on a regular basis. I am available for teachings, talks, workshops and retreats. I also serve as an officiant at weddings, memorial services and other life-change ceremonies. Please visit my website at www.zenjan.com.