Audrey Kaplan


Audrey KaplanContact: or +972547893981
Offering: Non dual coaching

Audrey is French and lives in Israel.
Ophthalmic surgeon, her main activity consists of restoring vision and preventing blindness.
Zen and Vipassana practitioner for about 15 years, Dzogchen led her to a broader awareness since 2009.
Audrey was part of Peter Fenner’s Non Dual Teacher’s training in 2011 and in the coaching team of the Radiant Mind course in 2012. Since then Audrey offers one day “introduction to non dual awareness” workshops in Israel. She offers non dual coaching on the phone or the internet in french, hebrew and english.
Also a photographer and painter, she explores integration of non duality in all aspects of her doing and being, and is happy to share presence, completion and exploration in fields including business, embodiment or addictions.