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Adam Chacksfield
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I was born and raised in England, but have been living in the United States since coming here to obtain my Ph.D. After some profound openings led me to experience the truth that lies beyond all my philosophies I started inquiring into spirituality and became a daily meditator.
At age 33 I left my job as a Professor to devote myself to spiritual opening in community with others. A few years later the struggle and confusion of my spiritual path fell away when I came across the nondual teachings of Peter Fenner.
I then worked with Peter to develop my capacity to share the ultimate space of nondual awareness with others. Now I’m inviting people to effortlessly open to their spontaneous compassion and natural wisdom through private coaching and work with groups.
I love supporting the flowering of nondual awareness in people’s lives and witnessing the profound shift from struggling with life to effortless presence. I feel so grateful to be revealing the natural abundance of joy, intimacy, humor, and love, that we have so often struggled to create because we imagined them scarce.
Through my coaching, retreats, workshops, and weekly group, I’ve been able to share the precious gift of nondual awareness with hundreds of people. In addition to the events I organize myself, I’ve also very happily accepted invitations to lead events sponsored by other groups and organizations, such as Western Illinois University, The Peoria Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, The Spoon River Quaker Meeting, and many more.
What people are saying about my work:
Peter Fenner, Ph.D., Author of Radiant Mind: “Adam is a first rate nondual coach who delivers the essence of nondual awareness in an uncompromising form. He is wholeheartedly committed to creating new possibilities for his clients that are grounded in awareness and practical at the same time. I highly recommend him.
Kelley, Professor, IL“Realizing that most of the issues I have are constructions, created by me, has been truly liberating. I am now more focused on engaging my projects and much less impeded by internal dialogue about success, failure, and obstacles. Adam’s nondual coaching has enabled me to act from a place of stillness and clarity, which has enriched all that I do.”
Kathy, Township Treasurer, MI: “I really enjoyed the nondual dialogue we shared. It is a great technique for realization.
Robert, Composer, NY: “During a tumultuous time in my life I had slowly begun to convince myself that I had only anxiety and suffering ahead of me. As my thoughts began to alarm me I would call Adam, and through the course of our conversation begin to ‘see through,’ and even laugh at, the thoughts and ideas that were distracting me from the relaxed simplicity of life itself. In our nondual dialogues together, I received not just wisdom, but understanding, humor, empathy, guidance, and love. Ultimately I value his words and presence not only for their spiritual import, but as survival tools, and consider them a sanctuary full of clarity and peace.
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