Hosted Evening Satsang with Sara Naon


Thursday June 21
6 – 8pm pacific time
Silent meditation begins at 5:45pm

Devotion to Truth

Sara offers the sweetness and power of Satsang.
She defines Satsang as:

  • Gathering together as a group,
  • to amplify the collective field of consciousness,
  • through the joy of devotion to the Truth of Reality – the consistent Presence we are within.

This, that we have always known.

Our True Self, is so close, we don’t know we are swimming in it’s water. Our True Self is the air we are breathing, in, and out. The Truth of who we are, we have never been apart from. It is looking out of your eyes, it is looking out of mine.

  • Opening and Softening our hearts to this undeniable reality, turns life into perpetual homecoming.
  • Bringing reverence to it, amplifies its energetic potency.
  • In this expanded field, being able to be deeply, seriously and hilariously honest with ourselves about Everything (!) happens with greater ease, clarity, joy and grace.
  • Strengthening the inner muscle of bringing the wisdom and intelligence of love to all the places that need it.

Sara is passionate not only about Self deepening in the Remembrance of the Reality of its Oneness, but of supporting its universal momentum of homecoming through serving:

  • Sovereign Soul Nature – shapes our True Nature takes. True Nature at this level is multidimensional and complex. The individualized soul nature’s multidimensional healing and remembering while in human embodiment, aids in its deeper remembrance of its One True Nature, as well as its unique contribution and function in the collective awakening of – One True Nature – happening in human consciousness on planet earth at this time.

  • Full Human Embodiment – All of this pouring into and radiating from the human body and its cellular structure – transforming the human experience, individually and collectively. This includes: the regulation and repair of the human body nervous system. Knowing our increasingly nuanced, ever changing inner needs. Setting and maintaining boundaries with love and kindness in life and relationships to meet these needs. Honoring (knowing the true nature of, and using wisely) sexual energy. Sara experiences the greatest joy in being, and seeing, the living demonstration of the power, love and intelligence of her True Nature in the day to day self- care and self-love of human embodiment.

Satsang begins 

With a period of silent meditation which often includes a transmission of a particular supportive frequency. From here Sara speaks for a short amount of time which serves as continued guided meditation. After this the space will be open to shares, reflections, or clarifying questions from the collective on what was spoken about.

In this Satsang, after a short break, there will be a creative writing practice designed to support the harmonizing of the conscious and unconscious mind, accessing our deeper holistic wisdom and creative expression. The space will then be open for sharing what came out of this writing practice with each other; honoring the One wisdom present when all are gathered in Its name.

The final portion of Satsang will be a few one on one exchanges with Sara if so desired by anyone. Sara tunes in and works deeply with individuals on many different levels, addressing wherever one may be in their evolution, growth, remembering, healing, strengthening, or acting in the territories mentioned above.

It is very true at this time most of us are often experiencing evolution in multiple levels at once, which is why Sara holds space to address the simultaneity of what can be occurring for an individual at any given time.

Sara Naon offers her service as guide, teacher and divine friend to others all over the world through individual coaching and group Satsang both online and in person. In person she also includes hands on healing touch and massage in private sessions. She is currently the Teacher In Residence in Tacoma WA, hosted by Northwest Spiritual Living. She is the Center for Nondual Awareness board president and on its leadership team; and is currently co-founding The Institute for Nondual Shamanism. She is also a dancer, poet, and performance artist. She has been called “A Spiritual Darling… a new ripple, a new generation of shining brilliance upon the pond of consciousness… !!!” You can get in touch with her at