May 102013

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“Just by being aware, thoughts start disappearing. There is no need to fight. Your awareness is enough to destroy them.” OSHO
. . . And so it is the same for problems. What if the truth is that there are no problems and that when we say there is a problem, it just means things aren’t turning out the way we want them to? What if, everything is unfolding exactly as it should?
Without using religious or even spiritual terms, we can think of awareness or consciousness as an invisible force that permeates everything. This invisible force is a living intelligence that exists beyond our human mind. It understands or is the connectedness of all things. Our minds are to this intelligence, is like a drop of water is to the ocean.
Every action has a reaction. Therefore, what seems like a problem at the time, as many of us have seen, turns out to be something very different. As mortals, we simply don’t sit high enough to judge what’s right and what’s wrong or the truth about what we call a problem.
When we break away from automatically seeing situations as problems just because they are contrary to how we think they should be, like a child, we begin to approach life inquisitively. From this perspective we are open to the mystery life and all its possibilities. This fresh perspective allows us to benefit from seeing and feeling the deeper, meaningful subtleties life offers that we can overlook when our minds are “trying” to solve problems. This fresh perspective is a step on the path to living as our inherent nature—pure awareness.

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